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Striving to Protect Our Environment from Hazardous Concrete Waste

Maryland Portable Concrete does its part in helping to save the Chesapeake Bay. Both our Elkton and Riverside plant locations utilize a paved manufacturing zone that, by designed ground contour, traps, directs and contains all industrial water, truck washing run-off, and natural rainfall. This water is naturally clarified by gravity as it settles out through a series of containment pits and is then recycled for use in future concrete manufacturing. The settled solid materials are scooped out of the containment pits periodically and recycled with leftover hardened concrete for use as sub-base material preventing them from entering the Chesapeake and its tributaries.

Our new portable "Concrete Rinse & Roll" washout containers provide an environmentally green alternative to expensive silt fences and unsightly concrete dumping areas. They also provide a cost effective way to manage cementitious waste products and the associated caustic water. MPC can now contain and remove 100% of these waste products from your jobsite and recycle them.

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